We are journeying through a time when boundaries are shrinking and the world is turning into a global village. Our young generation faces unique challenges and opportunities in this global environment. Schools need to allow each student to develop his / her whole being in all areas of development – academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to his/ her potential To prepare the young ones to face such challenges, we have to design a high quality balanced educational programme which will make them “International” in true essence.

How young children learn?

Young children are natural and active learners. They enjoy:





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These early learning experiences can be further enhanced by caring adults who provide high levels of interaction to promote positive attitudes to learning; this is achieved through both play and structured learning in an enjoyable and non -threatening environment.

Successful life-long learning depends on young children being given opportunities

to develop personal and social skills.


OXFORD Early Childhood Curriculum

is designed to address eight areas of development: