The House allocation was completed before 18-06-2014. The total students of each class were divided into four groups named 1, 2, 3, 4. On 23rd June the House patrons took lot in front of Vice-Principal. The Emerald house patron (Ms. Lizy) picked the number 3, Ruby patron (Ms. Gadha G. Warrier) 1, Sapphire patron (Ms. Thanuja) 2 and Topaz patron (Ms. Anzila) 4. The students under that particular number belonged to the same house of that patron. The class-wise list was given to each class teacher and they informed their students. On 7th July house-wise meeting was conducted in the auditorium. Each house selected their house captains and vice-captains during that meeting. The names and classes are given below.

House                                             Captain                                                                Vice-Captain

Emerald                                         Nadeem Jalal (XI)                                             Priyanka (XI)

Ruby                                                Anand Krishna                                                   Anjana B. Nair (XII)

Sapphire                                        Shiffar M.K. (XI)                                                Mymoona (X)

Topaz                                              Mohammed Samee (XII)                              Aseena A.S. (XII)


Manorama M.S.

PE Teacher

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