“Vayanavaram” was observed in the school from 13th to 17th June with a variety of programmes and competitions.
On 13th June 2011, in the morning assembly Fathima Subair delivered a speech on the importance of reading and Amina K.S. of Grade VII B commemorated Shri. P.N. Panicker who was the father of Malayalam reading. On the Same day a reading campaign was conducted. Selected children went to all classes with pluckcards and gave the messages in English, Malayalam and Hindi. Quiz questions were also asked in the classes during the campaign.


Wisdom Tree

The main highlight of this programme was ‘The Wisdom Tree’. Children enthusiastically filled the leaves with the names of the books which they had read.


Field Trip

In connection with Vayanavaram, the students of grade VII B & VIII B were taken to Vylopilli Sanskriti Bhavan on 15th June 2011. They visited the Koothambalam, (the place were different art forms are performed) Kalmandapam (a small stage), open air auditorium and library. The students also had a quality time with the director of the institution.
On 15th June 2011, in the morning assembly Ms. Sumam of Malayalam Department and on 17th June 2011, Ms. Bharathi from English Department advised the students to develop the habit of reading books and how to select good books.
Harshitha, Amal Nair and Mariyam S. presented the reviews of different books.
Reading competition, Slogan writing competition and Quiz competition were also conducted in connection with this.

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