Nurturing personal, creative and physical development of students


  • Literary clubs
  • Cultural programs
  • Sports
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Music & Drama

We believe the best education involves more than classroom learning and nurtures the personal, creative and physical development of all students. These outside-the-classroom activities teach leadership, team work and responsibility to society. At the Oxford School, involvement and participation are the key aspects. Literary, Creative and Cultural activities are given special emphasis. For Sports & Games, the School is blessed with extraordinary facilities, and the students are trained under expert guidance. The performing arts are highly valued at The Oxford School, where outstanding facilities and gifted teaching artists often elicit productions that well exceed the expectations of student musicians, actors and singers.
The School offers these facilities before school, during lunch hours, and after school. Every student is encouraged to participate in activities and to choose wisely so that they can participate fully in what they have chosen. So, what are your child’s interests? Art? Sports? Singing? Writing? Swimming? Debate? There is a club to suit just about everyone’s interests.