The Oxford School Trivandrum (TOST) was established by the renowned Manarul Huda Trust which owns prestigious institutions in India and the Middle East. The school started its academic career from 5th June 2006 with Play School, Kindergarten, and Grades from I to VI. One or two grades are added every year till it reaches grade XII. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

We believe that education is a lifelong process and must develop from a firm and broad foundation. The goal of education is to instill in the students a love for learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel in every level. We also aim at equipping the students with intellectual and practical skills which are necessary to meet the inevitable challenges in the future. Education at The Oxford School seeks to provide not only for the intellect, but also for the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the spirit. The Oxford School redefines education beyond mere class room interaction and elaborates the same up to the level of shaping mankind for the progress of the entire society.

In the era of information explosion and expectation explosion, knowledge ceases to be received passively. It is something to be actively discovered. We are concerned not with the preparation of a finished product, but the integrated and dynamic development of the student. What keep it buoyant is the vision and the prayers of our founders. We have designed a complete education for life, culminating in expert and extensive career guidance.

School Philosophy:

  • ‘The Oxford School Trivandrum’ (TOST) aims to provide a well-balanced, non-sectarian educational program in the English language.
  • TOST believes in the uniqueness of each student. TOST aims to create a challenging, rewarding, and stimulating environment, where students learn effectively, develop a sense of self-esteem, and realize their full potential.
  • TOST frames its ‘education mission’ around a vision, mission, and several core values.
  • TOST’s vision is to provide high quality holistic education in an inspiring learning environment that maximizes the potential of each individual to become a responsible global citizen.
  • TOST’s mission is to develop responsible global citizens through proactive and adaptable professionals, evolving and progressive curriculum, and world class facilities.

TOST’s core values are:
• Internationalism
• Preparation for Independence
• The Creation of a Positive Learning Experience.

Pursuant to these values, TOST emphasizes respect, tolerance, intercultural and social awareness, and a love of learning in a positive and encouraging environment.

Values: ‘We educate not for school, but for life’. Life has become so complex and subject to frequent and rapid modifications that the child has to face novel problematic situations. The education at The Oxford School, with its special emphasis on Life Skills and Personality Development helps the child to get inspiration from the noble past, to live in the dynamic present, and to face the challenging future.