An educational experience that is supportive and personalized

  • Wholesome ambiance
  • Swimming pool
  • Health habits

What’s it like being a student at The Oxford School? It means a schedule packed full of classes, study hours, athletic practice, rehearsals, time for friends, special events, eating, and sleeping. Yes, here the students learn to manage their time, meet their commitments, enjoy their friendships and nourish their mind and body.

It is just 3kms away from East Fort, the heart of the city. The atmosphere is quiet and conducive for learning. It is difficult to find another town of this size so well preserved from the threats of commercialism and development. The steady agricultural prosperity of the town is reflected in every facet of the town.
The serene atmosphere blessed with the charm of natural beauty promotes quality education. The beautiful educational complex in a creative ambience reflects our innovative and global educational concepts.  At The Oxford School, we integrate all these components to provide students with an educational experience that is supportive and personalized.