I’m GREESHMA SANTHOSH who was a part of “The Oxford School” from 2007-2012 (for 5 years). According to me Education involves overall development of student’s personality, character and knowledge. Teachers play an important role in structuring this in a student.

I was a little bit worried on my 1st day at this Great “Oxford School” as everything was new to me, new place, new faces and a completely new ambience. But once the teachers started interacting with me, I got relaxed. Within no time I became very comfortable with my class. There was no constraint from the teachers to involve with each and every student. They were very friendly and supportive not only to the students of their class but also to the entire school. The most important thing which I loved in my Dear school is the amiable nature of my dear Teachers. I enjoyed each and every moment which I had spent in my School for the 5 years.
Being an Oxfordian, the students are exposed to many opportunities, so that they can showcase their talents to the entire school. This has improved my skills in elocution, recitation, writing etc. The rewards and the recognition given to the students, is an additional important value from the school side. The stars of the year award, the best Oxfordian award etc motivates each and every student, like me. I was really blessed to achieve a few of them due to God’s Grace, teachers support and a little effort. The OXPO exhibition which is conducted every year was a platform for us to exhibit our works as well as to learn from others both from our school and from the talents of other schools. Oxford school helped me in improving both my academic and extracurricular activities.
I’m missing my days in “The Oxford School”. I’m thanking Oxford school for making me confident in my talents and the good changes it has brought in me. Once again I’m thanking our Principal, Teachers, non -teaching staff and my dear friends for their affirmative support provided which made my days in this Great School a really memorable one. Above all , I’m also thanking God for giving me an opportunity to be an Oxfordian for 5 years.
Really I’m missing you “My Dear Oxford”.
Thanks and Regards,
Greeshma Santhosh