Awareness Session on safe and unsafe touch for Grade 3-5

The awareness session held on 21st of October 2022 by a parent named Yasmin at The Oxford School Auditorium. 3-5th grade girls were attended the session.

Mrs. Yasmin started the session with a clapping activity, through that she has introduced the touch, that is Safe& Unsafe touch ( Good& Bad touch) and used two examples of Touching a hot pan is- Unsafe touch Touching an ice cream cone is – Safe touch. The medium of language mostly used is Malayalam.

Discussed topics are:

· What are the private parts and not to let anyone to touch their private parts.

· Gave shake hands to the children and said to them which touch is giving a feeling of fear and made you uncomfortable is unsafe touch.

· No one has the right to touch our body without our permission and cause us pain.

· Even when parents are disciplining you, no need to suffer beyond the limit.

· If some one shows a dirty picture or try to make you naked that is uncomfortable and are not safe.

· Showed an awareness cartoon video of molestation and said that you should make sure that it would never happened to you or any other.

· If you feel that your parents are not spending time with you, then you should understand that they are busy with their work and they love you lot.

· If any of your relatives, neighbours or any strangers will come and play with you and if it’s a hurting game, you should stop the game and say a big ‘NO’ to them and You can scream and run away from there. Tell your parents about what had happened or tell to a trust worthy adult.

· Introduced the child help line number 1098 to the children and explained about that.

· Asked a question that ‘ Who wanted to go to heaven’? Most of the students responded ‘I want to go’. Through this question it was conveyed to the children that no one can take any of us to heaven, so the students were asked not to believe in all these things said by others.

· Mrs. Yasmin has ended this session with a Chicken dance.