Circular- Art Integrated Project Work for Students

Dear Parent,
As you know that the school is on a journey of Competency Based Education following the guidelines of the Board focusing on the attainment of subject wise Learning Outcomes and application of learning in real-life situations by the learners. Implementation of CBE is made possible through pedagogies such as Art-Integrated and Sport-Integrated Learning, Storytelling, etc. which promote reflection, critical thinking, creativity, initiation, self direction and other 21stCentury Skills.

As part of Art-Integrated Learning, project works for classes I to X are designed to make learning experiential and joyful. Art Integrated projects are multidisciplinary and nature- integrating and will be considered for Internal Assessment in the subjects concerned. Uploading of Art Integrated projects on CBSE portals is mandatory especially for Grades IX & X. Please note that Grade X students will be eligible for attending their Board Exams only if they upload their Art Integrated projects.

One of the objectives of art integrated education is to make the students aware of the vast and diverse cultural heritage of our country. Therefore, Students have to take up integration with any form of Indian Art – visual or performing arts of the paired State/UT, as defined under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Programme. Hence Art Integrated Project Work of the students of the schools in the State of Kerala will be based on the art form of Himachal Pradesh. Teachers will be facilitating the learning of the chosen Indian art form and ensure that students are able to creatively integrate the art form(s) being used
in the project.

We request your wholehearted support in making your ward 21st century-ready citizens, by empowering them with the competencies to understand, analyse, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real life situations that they require to face in the world outside the classrooms or an environment beyond their schools and homes.

For any query in this regard, you may contact the class teacher.

Principal (sd/-)