Mental Health And Well- Being Awareness Program

The school has initiated an awareness session that accompanied by a project done by Suleiman, a student from class 12-C in honour of the WORLD MENTAL MONTH. His project was under a non profitable trust named Bauddik Rejuvenating. The awareness session was held on 20th October 2022 Thursday, after the assembly at the auditorium.

The students of 8th and 9th grades were attended the session and it was presented by the School Counselor in the presence of Vice principal and other teachers. The session was an interaction session and it brought to children’s knowledge that Every year, the world was celebrating a day as our Mental health day that is on October 10th and the theme of year 2022 is
“Making mental Health & Well-Being for all a Global Priority “.

The session was done with motivating messages and a PowerPoint presentation of ‘what is mental health’, ‘The key components of mental health- such as what we think, what we feel, how we act. ‘The impacts of our thoughts, feelings and actions’, ‘Why mental health is so important’ and ‘what can we do to protect our mental health’. Questions were asked to the children to ensure their active participation. The session lasted for an hour and ended successfully with a concluding question ‘Who is having the key of your happiness’. Children were responded effectively, With encouraging words the Vice principal
dispersed the meeting.