TOST Awarded at EMUN 2K19

The Oxford School, Trivandrum won delegation trophy for maximum involvement and best delegates awards in EMUN 2K19 held at Excelsior English School, Kottayam. EMUN 2K19 is a simulation UN conference with 6 different committees, each with a different agenda. More than 150 delegates from 15 different schools across Kerala attended the event.

Jorge Abraham won the Best Journalist award and gold medal at EMUN 2K19 at Excelsior English School, Kottayam. The IP or international press corps is an organisation independent from the MUN and reports to the international press chair who decides on whether to publish an article or report. Jorge was assigned to unsc or the United Nations Security Council whose agenda was unilateral and multilateral interventions on the war on terrorism. And during his session in the IP he published two articles and held a press conference.

Muhammed Nazeer, who has been assigned the role of a delegate of Malaysia in the UNCOPUOS committee, received a verbal mention for the same. Other roles were handled by HariSankar who represented the role of Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highway, Meenambika, who did Arun Jately in AIPPM (all India political parties meet), Alfin Famalraj, who represented Japan with his community ECOSOC, Shaistha Fathima, who was the delegate of Jordan in ECOSOC, Afrin, who was the delegate of Iceland, and Halasianadh, Aditya, Devanjana, and Azmeel who were “Honourable Mentioned” in EMUN.