Skill Enhancement Programme 2022

Teachers helping kids become global citizens

How are teachers helping kids become global citizens?

Oxford School Trivandrum, believes that teachers play a significant role in guiding students towards becoming involved and responsible global citizens. The Oxford School Trivandrum’s educational strategy emphasizes the development of media literacy, critical thinking, empathy, service learning and digital citizenship. Check how!

KG Graduation day 2023

First Academic Milestone

Cheers to the First Academic Milestone! Oxford School Trivandrum celebrated Kindergarten Graduation Day to recognize students’ achievements. The school wishes all the charming students for a brighter and more successful …

AI Tools In Education

AI Tools In Education

Artificial intelligence is the name given to the process through which robots impersonate human cognitive functions. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and mechanical vision are examples of applications …

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day

The Oxford School Trivandrum, celebrated grandparent’s day and organized a journey for young children and their grandparents. As part of the celebration, the school captured special memories and organized a …

16th Annual Day 2022

With the participation of our students and staff, the Annual Day 2023, a programme of our Oxford School Trivandrum, was a celebratory occasion that reached new heights. The event featured students showing their skill through a variety of dance, theatre, singing, karate, and other talent-based activities.